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@Destroy All Monsters - If there is "spectacular ignorance" in this thread, then surely yours must be the Mt. Everest of such.

"Clunky, barely functional submersibles" - Perhaps you should take your cue from Donald Macintyre and his colleagues before spouting your faecal-brained nonsense. Or, as an alternative, the opinion of a "Former Naval Person" may prove to be enlightening to you.

"germans" - Surely it is Germans.

"murricans can't into translation" - WTF? The Americans can't do translation? The Americans aren't into translation? Destroy All Monsters can't into English?

"most ship of the ships" - Since the first submersibles over 100 years ago, to the true submarines of today, THEIR OPERATORS have referred to them as "boats". This holds true for the Kaiserliche Marine, the Kriegsmarine, the Royal Navy, the United States Navy, and I'll wager, many other navies as well.

Perhaps they should have consulted with you before doing so.

"The NCC-1701 is..." Ah, the icing on the cake, or in your case, the snow on the mountain. Thank you for giving us a reference to a fictional spacecraft. How that is germane to a discussion of real history, I will leave for others to discern.

A far more appropriate fictional reference, in my opinion, is the Sherlock icon in your post. Perhaps if you were to engage the services of Mr. Holmes, he could provide you with the clue you so obviously lack, although the task may strain even his considerable powers to their utmost.

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