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Re: Calling Android a "Linux distribution" is entirely misleading.

I pointed out in the post you are replying to that, technically, referring to Android as a Linux distribution is absolutely incorrect. Technically, even if you are right in principle, which is not nearly as cut and dried as you make it out to be, Android would be a group or a family of Linux distributions, not a distribution in its own right.

You saying that the phrase "Linux distribution" has referred to the kernel doesn't make it so. That is inconsistent with the way the phrase has been used, which should be obvious. People didn't refer to anything which wasn't an operating system as a "Linux distribution," even if it was something that included the kernel. Technically, each kernel release was a distributable version of Linux, yet no one referred to those as "Linux distributions."

How is it hard to understand that Android's use of an incompatible/conflicting C library puts it in an entirely different position than anything else that you refer to? All the other things that you mention work with the GNU C library or another API compatible C library. They don't work with the Android C library. They all coexist peacefully in the same root directory. Android cannot.

GNU/Hurd is not a Linux distribution, and I have never heard anyone argue that it was. (Do you know what a strawman is?)

I am not confused, but your arguments make it seem that you are.

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