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"The new Axis of Extremist Lunacy is a very useful construct. It also clarifies that the Moderates, both Left and Right, can be united against the loons."

But the loons can be found all over that spectrum!

The previous government of Norway contained several members with barely highschool education whose work experience was limited to politics. But there is something reassuring about a person with no education and no experience who is unable to accomplish anything. It is when you put an experienced person w/education on the job and still do not see any results, that you need to truly worry.

Wasn't it somebody here who commented that it is the middle class' discontent that fuels fascism? In Norway a shrinking part of the population works hard to support a growing population of people on benefits. Effective taxation is for many around 60-80%. It used to be that you were lucky if you had managed to land a job, now it is nearly the opposite. As such, I'd say that it is the loons on the left (those who invent so many wonderful ways of wasting the taxpayers' money) who fuel the growing share of loons on the right.

The only moderate solution I see is that politicians must be required to remove five expenditures for every new suggestion that hinges on taxpayer funding.

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