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Rubbish. 'self-regenerating' and 'sustainable' are not the same thing. Sustainable forests are usually well managed by people, not by nature. Trees are mature long before the 'three hundred years' you quote and those that are that age are past their best and, yes, diseased and dying. It's called old age.

While you are correct that 'self-regenerating' and 'sustainable' are not the same thing, we do not know what might might be a truly sustainable farming or forestry system. All methods currently known result in topsoil loss at a rate greater than it is generated. Thus we can say that one system is more or less sustainable than another, but not be sustainable indefinitely.

Also, Huon Pine is still in its infancy at 300 years and I have seen an intact stem that fell at the age of 2,300 years. As the chap who showed to me described it: "This tree was 300 years old while Jesus was playing full back for Jerusalem!" Huon Pine is in many respects the best boat-building timber of all.

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