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One answer is to have a flat rate of tax across Europe

Any additional taxes collected for health care and education etc that are not universally collected across European states would all have to be spent on the thing the collected the tax for so as to avoid things like road tax being used as petty cash by polititians.

I personally would tax and control money leaving Europe so "Tax Havens" cannot allow people and companies to dodge their responsibility and further to promote investment in Europe and it's people rather than whomever gives them a kick back.

Basically Europe is being bled dry by the uncontrolled avarice of the wealthy and controling imports at European level would benefit everyone here, more buying power and oversight to finally get some sort of balance against the multinationals and those unwilling to pay their share.

It is a sad day when you cannot trust the polititians you elect to collect and spend your tax money to benefiting you and your state rather than themselves and their cronies, if they are not going to have the death penalty for corrupt politians then the next best way is to control what our taxes are spent upon and have constant oversight by an impartial and responsible body not able to benefit from fraud.

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