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@Gary 34

"The benefit of Google is Google not what they pay in taxes. They could pay zero, we'd still all be much better off than not having Google."

What utter tosh! and your proof that not having Google would mean we wouldn't have something better?

The benefit of a Doctor is having healthcare, so they should pay no tax. The benfit of eduation is learning, so teachers should pay no tax. The benefit of Cadbury's is Cadbury's, so they should pay no tax, oh, they don't. The benefit of your comment is having you to make it, therefore I grant you you power of no tax paymets...

Tell your story to ex-employees of Divshot, Oyster, Kikscore, Postini, Songza, Slide..... All bought with money, 20%ish of which should have been paid in tax by Google to various Govts as the cash was taken out of their economies.

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