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Again you proagate the myth. It's not semantics as you get the line "They don't pay much corporation tax, but at least they pay VAT" which makes them appear less avaricious.

"Corporate tax is the now big battleground." It might be, but you put VAT in the mix and VAT is not a corporate tax, they do not pay it. < That's a FULL STOP.

They collect it on behalf of Govt's, you talk as if it's a tax on companies, or in the same breath as company taxes and people will think it is a company tax when it is not. It is the same when companies talk about the NI they pay when that is not a company tax either, for good or not, it's an employment tax.

Don't know where the demand supression came from.

You don't see Amazon ever paying much tax here, OK, so what happens when NO company pays tax here?

Do I assume people with such views are paid enough to have private health insurance, pay for private schools. Who builds the roads, private companies and we have tolls everywhere. Who stops your twat neihbour buliding a 3 storey extension to block your light has a kennel compond with 500 howling dogs and starts drug dealing filling your street with people who might not agree with you living there?

I guess the haves move out and leave the rest living in Detroit?

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