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". That's why many, many oaks were planted and are still alive today"

you make my point for me. If felling oaks for shipbuilding had been sustainable, then that planting campaign would not have been needed: the forests would have been self-regenerating.

As it was, we couldn't, and didn't have sustainable forests, and when that was realised, the Admiralty planting scheme - which was half-hearted at best due to costs - was abandoned as pointless.

and I go back to my original point - the only oaks that survived our shipbuilding were the diseased ones. Go and take a look around somewhere like Sherwood, which does have a lot of old trees. They are all diseased and dying, the good ones were all cleared. They may have been dying for three hundred years or so, but in oak terms that's recent. Those trees in that plantation you're citing? Mere youngsters in comparison - and probably only just getting big enough to use for smaller ship timbers

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