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Thats why there are few old healthy oaks in Britain - all the good ones were felled. All the old oaks alive now survived because they were diseased with rotten crowns or cores

What a load of crap.

The Government recognised that there was indeed a shortage of Oak around the time of Trafalgar. That's why many, many oaks were planted and are still alive today. Oak Tree Common in Hartley Wintney is one of those plantations. Apparently they stopped when someone told them that it would be at least 100 years before those trees would be good for ships. By then we were building them out of iron and steel.

not all the oaks alive today were alive back then either. I have at least 20 such trees in my Woodland that are less than 30 years old. They are thriving now because the old oak that overshadowed them was felled a few years ago. The wood from that tree is keeping my home nice and cozy thank you very much.

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