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Have fun with your passwords...

I am at a large corporate. Changing the password on our corporate server is forced annually. (Mine is due to change in 12 days)... The number of times that people forget their "new passwords" is a joke.

When I setup passwords on Excel workbooks (Yes I know there are ways of getting around them) I use things like "I told you the password". When someone rings up and asks for the password I tell them "I told you the password". Invariably there response is "No you didn't I just asked for it"...

It takes a while to explain to them... Some people have no sense of humor.

When I am setting up accounts on internet based systems I try to make the user related to the site. If I have to provide an e-mail address I use a name related to the site name and have the e-mail address covered by the "catch-all" address on a domain I own. Passwords are based on the purpose of the site. I do reuse passwords within the group. If a password is compromised it only impacts one "group" of sites. No password safe with a master password. Only have to remember a few passwords. It really isn't that hard.

I have a mate of mine who always uses the same passwords (one of three) so I can get into his account on any system that allows 3 guesses before lockout.

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