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It's 2016 and idiots still use '123456' as their password

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scrap passwords for scrap accounts

- at least -- anything that makes me create an account in order to read something i make junk accounts, pointing all over the planet and use junk passwords for.

Stuff I need, on the other hand, I take some care with, but the passwords are algorithmic, so remembering them is easier.

Stuff I have control over? SSH? private/public key authentication only, no passwords.

Educating the ID admins? long, painful, tedious processes. Worth it tho.

I too worked for the 30 day rotation, 16 password deep history queue, 2 Upper, 2 Lower, 2 special, 2 Numeric "reset yer password over the phone based on one question" company. Same with the vpn password. *sigh*. I think it explains the crash and burn.

Mines the one with the encrypted spreadsheet and a copy of "ssh-agent for dummies" in the pocket

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