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A) Wake up. It's not the warhead, its the big ICBM that is the limiting factor, N.K is mainly a threat to N.Koreans, they get too lippy china will squash them like a bug, better uses of money.

Nukes are about dick measuring nothing more and nothing less, having nukes is not going to stop anyone mad enough to use them, and I remind you, so far the only country to have *used* nukes was not N.K.

B) Because 65 million people should seriously pay for the right of 2,932 people to live on an island, no-one else gives a shit about, better uses of money dude.

Sure it's their decision, let them pay for it, otherwise let them STFU.

C) Because, the right to withdraw your labour is more or less the only way of making someone listen,

If you go on strike you don't get paid, hence it's an unpaid day off, and I support my doctors over my employer he's a prick (I'm self employed btw).

D) The issue is simple, if you want to send your kids to "private" school, that's fine, my personal view is that the private schools should be required to take over the state schools as part of the deal, so the quality of education has some chance of upwards trends, I don't have any objection to exercising of choice when it comes to ones children, I'm a parent, and frankly I'll fuck over anyone and everyone to help my kid, fair or not, but I'll not hide behind the figleaf of "choice".

Johnson, That well known ex-postman who overuled Professor of Pharmacology David Nutt.

There are many of the people in the Labour party who are Tories in red ties, he's one of them.

illiberal, ill-educated and incompetent.

Do you seriously think he could do much worse than the current lot ?

He seems like a decent bloke, with some integrity, why would we want someone with integrity in charge</sarcasm>

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