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Yes, but it's much more than about "hourly rates". I think Jobs was asked about it years ago and I think hes response was that the "technology", to produce iThings, had already left the USA. Let me give you an example.

When Britain now builds a new nuclear plant they have to turn to a country that has that technology, and, as it is today, it's the USA or Russia or France with China. Companies like the Royal Caribbean and Cunard build their cruisers in Finland, Germany, France and Italy for the same reason, and not in China or Britain. This comparison is not quite fair as iThings are about mass production, but mass production is high tech too. How many minutes will a Chinese hand touch a iPhone while it's being made.

So yes, I would like Apple to build a large factory in the USA, they have some 200bn somewhere to do it in some years. Will they do it, hardly.

Call this capitalism or globalization or what ever, money doesn't smell has no nationality and no patriotism.

As for Trumpf, I enjoy listening to him, eyes somewhere else, I like comedy.

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