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But I can't help but agree with Trump on this one.

I grew up in Birmingham, and vividly remember what happened when MG Rover went bankrupt. In my school of 1,400 students about 800 were from families who's parent(s) were made redundant. The government won't like to say this, but for many of those people made redundant they haven't been able to secure full time work since - nearly 10 years on. In Longbridge now they have "rejuvenated" the area. There is now a Marks & Spencers, Sainsbury's etc. All that has happened with the removal of manufacturing is that it's been replaced with retail with workers often being paid minimum wage. We found in the last recession that the UK economy wasn't balanced and we relied too much on retail and financial sectors and that we didn't have a manufacturing base to bring ourselves out of it properly. Germany, however, did. And it's Germany that continues to have a more robust economy than the UK in my opinion.

If we look at Land Rover, who are based in Solihull which is just about 7 miles away from Longbridge, they are thriving. A friend of mine secured work there, and they're looking for a few more hundred workers - and they often get about 15,000 applications. This city isn't short of manufacturing talent, but from once being the workshop of the world Birmingham is now trying to compete with other "second cities" as being a mecca for shopping.

We have seen what happens in China to these workers. Such are the conditions in these factories that some workers throw themselves off buildings in order to escape it. But that's because they are building a premium product under peanut finances. We, the west, want everything to be cheap. We want the cheapest products that give off an air of quality. But then we cry fowl when the people who make these products leave these shores in order to cut the cost of manufacturing - often leaving families in turmoil and on the scrapheap and forgotten about the government. Then further demonised by the people who have jobs because they need to claim job seekers while they look for work that isn't there - or is soon outsourced away.

Apple in this instance always used to build their machines in the USA, so it's not as if this is a new idea. Remove Trump's name from this article, and it does I'm afraid make sense. If you look after your workforce in your own country, give them jobs that can pay, then that money goes straight back in to your economy and further produces jobs. Money breeds money.

Disgusted as I am that Trump is the one to say this, I think it's brilliant idea. And it's one I wish was thought about in the UK when MG Rover went bankrupt, Peugeot closed down Ryton, and Vauxhall reduced it's Ellesmere Port workforce. Let's not forget also what's happened to those in Redcar and Port Talbot too. All because Big Corp. Inc. would rather look after the dividends of their shareholders rather than the families who need to put bread on the table.

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