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I would never hire anyone with 7-10 years experience as an engineer who would be willing to work for less. I generally haven't been approached for less than that in a few years except by these silly recruiters in the UK who spam everyone on LinkedIn with things like "Looking for a 4xCCIE, 3xMCSE to be in charge of 6 computers at a law firm in a two horse town... great pay and benefits... up to 40,000 pounds a year plus a carton of cigarettes".

Fact is, these days, I've been working pretty hard at automating IT positions as it helps people with $100,000+ a year keep their jobs instead of being outsourced to India due to lack of manpower for the price. The goal is less people but better people.

If it make you feel better, we can say $10,000 a month for 3 months each since it's Italy.

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