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Prior Art of sorts...

I did some maps for Unreal, Half-Life, Quake etc that were based on our office and the machine hall downstairs, does that count? Admittedly they weren't exactly breathtaking and for convenience I had the canteen in the wrong place but there was no shortage of desks to hide (or be trapped) behind as well as plenty of walls for bouncing grenades and the evil spinning razor flinger...

Alongside this since we had a model of sorts of the server room - there was the idea of using a game to interact with the servers, initially just to reboot by fragging (though I think someone actually did this for real at some point?) but it seemed too much like hard work for something that could already be done by telnet (it was turn-of-the-century, still partly steam-powered) or a remote-controlled digit.

I agree with the remark(s) above that something is not right here, a sysadmin does not want to play a sysadmin game, a sysadmin wants either to do it for real or to go and play a game where you shoot people and blow things up. Or drive stupidly fast. Or all of the above. But not a game that's supposed to be just like work. Unless 'data centre manager' is a sysadmin dream? I don't remember ever having that one.

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