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The voice of sanity

Oh how I agree with you. My computer is a tool to do things with. I care less (as does the average user) about arguing which is the best desktop or distro.

I have several friends who use Linux and when we are down the pub all they do is argue about the above. None of them actually seem to do anything useful with their machines and spend all their time fucking about tweaking the operating system and going on the 'net to argue with others about the above...

I, as a Mac user am, of course, beyond the pale.

So, when I am finally pissed off with their beardy, real ale, foodie arguments and they have thoroughly taken the piss out of my system, I ask them where are the Cubases, Wavelabs, Final Cuts and Photoshops of the Linux world?

That usually ends the argument and then we can happily get down to the real task in hand which is getting shitfaced.

Am sorry to have babbled on but Linuxheads, as an operating system Linux seems fine to me and I would have no problems using it but where is the commercial grade software?

A pint because if any of my friends read this I will need one (dozen). Cheers...

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