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Alan W. Rateliff, II
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Hat-tip: Amiga

"880 floppy credits"

Too bad the second higher up is 1790 credits instead of 1760.

But this stretch goal has me a little concerned:

350K € - Real Services (Advanced)

With Basic Real Services only HTML, CSS, JS and binary images can be hosted on your servers. The purpose of this stretch goal is to let you enrich your contents with PHP and MySQL databases.

Oh, how much fun it would be for someone to turn this gaming platform into a gaming malware gaming platform. On the flip-side, turning the game into a hosted MySQL database could be a neat twist. Until your closest neighbor and "ally" turns on you and raids your datacenter for desperately needed materials.

Meanwhile, we are competing to build the ultimate datacenter for the game. Soon, the game will be hosted within itself. Shortly afterward it becomes self-aware. Oh, man, I need sleep!

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