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Re: Calling Android a "Linux distribution" is entirely misleading.

> Applications for GNU/Linux must be ported to work with Android.

Not at all. The code of most GNU stuff is processor agnostic and ARM versions have been available for years.

The standard C library and others as appropriate need to be supplied along with the programs and a shell (bash, dash, csh, etc). These libraries, which act as an interfacing layer between the programs and the system, would access the Linux kernel in exactly the same way as they do on other Linux distros.

Note: GNU is primarily command line and text software. An interface library is needed to provide the display and input, but that would be required for other different systems.

Several apps are available for Android that provide GNU utilities (eg: Terminal IDE) and languages and 'applications for GNU/Linux' can be recompiled for ARM to run in those user spaces.

> It's clear that Android is a different operating system than GNU/Linux.

Android has quite a different GUI from the usual desktop GUIs of Gnome, KDE, or several others. That is because Android was designed for phones. Similarly, WP7 had quite a different GUI from Windows 7.

GUI programs such as written for X, Gnome (GTK) or KDE (Qt) would need various amounts of porting but Qt4 is available on Android as are X Servers.

"""Most Qt applications should be portable to Android with ease, unless they depend on a specific hardware or software feature not supported by Android. If your application is not using any such feature, deployment is probably the only step that demands some changes to your application."""

Your 'argument' seems to be based on dogma rather than anything approaching knowledge.

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