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Re: Calling Android a "Linux distribution" is entirely misleading.

> When you refer to Android as a Linux distribution, ... it's technically accurate

When you refer to Android _not_ being a Linux distribution, it's technically, and practically, _in_accurate. ie wrong.

> the phrase "Linux distribution" has not referred to the kernel

Yes it has. 'Linux' _is_ the kernel. A "Linux distribution" is the Linux kernel plus lots of other stuff. You may have failed to understand this.

> the operating system sometimes referred to as GNU/Linux

Yes, GNU supplies one of the user environments. You can also have GNU/Hurd, or potentially other kernels.

> Android has made no effort to remain API compatible with GNU/Linux

The GNU user environment is entirely command line based. Android, being for phones and touch based tablets, has no requirement to support command line, thus it does not include GNU. However it does not reject GNU and there are many apps that will enable the GNU environment. How hard is that to understand ?

In terms of the API GUI compatibility: Gnome, KDE, XFCE have different APIs. Android GUI has another one. None of them are related to GNU.

> it wouldn't make sense to call Android in general a Linux distribution.

It _is_ a distribution that includes Linux as the kernel. What wouldn't make sense would be to call GNU/Hurd a 'Linux distribution' (just because it is GNU).

> Calling Android a "Linux distribution" ends up being inconsistent and only serves to confuse the uninitiated

Well it has certainly confused you, yet you seem to be unwilling to admit it and become 'initiated'. It would be 'inconsistent' to call it BSD or Hurd, but it does have a genuine Linux.

> the operating system which people refer to as "Linux"

People who are not confused refer to Ubuntu, or Red Hat, or SUSE.

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