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I think when one is not familiar with another country/culture it is easy to mentally homogenize them into one entity. I live in the US so I'm familiar with the various groups and their leaning/motives. Thus I would know that if an abortion clinic was bombed it is probably white evangelical conservatives, not ISIS. Likewise if a black church was bombed it was probably the KKK or similar racist group.

But while I know about the Sunni/Shia conflict I don't pretend to understand it well enough to grasp the nuances when something happens over there that a resident of Iran or Iraq or Saudi Arabia would easily see. In this case, Ukrainian utilities were attacked so it is easy to assume it was "Russia" that did it.

But as pointed out it could be officially sponsored by Russia, sponsored by some branch (like when the CIA does things the rest of the US government isn't kept in the loop on) or Russian nationalist hackers. It could be some Ukrainian hackers who don't support their current government (i.e. the pro-Russia side, which is usually ignored in western media) It could even be a wildcard like the Chinese or North Koreans wanting to stir up trouble for their own reasons, or the US or other western power wanting to make Russia look bad to weaken Putin.

Unfortunately that homogenization is why you see extremists in the west equating Islam to terrorism. If you aren't familiar enough with the players, it is easy to paint them all with the same brush, so it easy for people to believe - especially in the US where a lot of conservatives seem to pride themselves on thinking America is the only country that matters and remaining ignorant of the rest of the world as a point of honor. ISIS of course does exactly the same thing, telling their followers that the entire western world is waging war on not on Al Qaeda or ISIS, but Islam.

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