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Regarding Linux 'denial'

Since 'denial' was mentioned…

I say this kindly with no reference to anyone here.

I generally find denial is more an issue in Windows world. If we define denial as ignoring reality and imposing a world view that is, in fact, a fiction then Windows users claims about Linux are total denial, certainly in respect to how Linux is today.

I mean, the amount of times I have been told that:

"Linux has no usable GUI" - So KDE, GNOME, Cinnamon, XFCE et al do not exist

"You have configure everything using the CLI in Linux" - which means the system settings panel in KDE which I use where you can configure far more than Windows (and many argue goes too far) does not exist.

"It is really hard to install software in Linux…" - So hard you select the software from the software manager and click 'install' and it downloads and installs for you automatically

" have to compile the code from source!" - which I have done! When I was using Slackware. Now I use Mint KDE I have not compiled code once. But it's nice to have the option in Linux.

"There are no usable applications in Linux" - which is why I am more productive in Linux than ever I was in Windows (honest!) and am enjoying creating anime music videos using Kdenlive.

And it goes on and on and on. Windows users keep describing Linux as it was circa 1997 and not how it is now! I got so fed up with this, I created a video demoing Mint 17 running KDE with applications, software installation, flash video, video editing etc.

There maybe denial among some of the hardcore Linux users about the growth of Linux - but it is very hard to measure numbers. I am personally convinced that Linux share is greater than 1.5 world wide with adoption by the Chinese, large parts of Africa, many user of which are not online. But I have no way of collating figures, I grant. But I have no reason to claim that Windows only handles up to 245 colors, does not support true type fonts, has no uninstall process, has no real multi-tasking and can only handle up to 16MB of memory.

I mean, that's all true… for Windows 3.0 in 1990.

I would be in a state of denial if I criticized Windows for its failings in 1990 here in 2016. Yet, that is effectively what (some) Windows users do with Linux. They insist on comparing how Linux used to be with Windows as it is now.

Very odd.

As it stands, on a price/performance basis there is nothing to beat Linux.

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