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" heating in bedrooms all day and living room nice and toasty..."

Being able to achieve a significant temperature delta from one room to the next is a strong clue that your house's thermal envelope is inadequate and is thus energy inefficient.

It means that the uninsulated internal partition surfaces are nearly as effective as your outside walls. Consider also that there's often 3x or 6x more internal surfaces as external surfaces. Think about it. A cool or cold bedroom is an indictment.

Our house is very well insulated. There are no heaters in the upstairs bedrooms. They're at roughly the same temperature as the rest of the house. And some of the internal partitions in our house *are* insulated R12, for sound deadening purposes. But the outside is R32+.

A good thermal envelope should work towards evening-out the internal temperature gradients.

'R2000 - The Better Built House', circa 1990. Our Internet bill is now about the same as our annual space heating bill. With electric baseboards, and +20°C.

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