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Anonymous Coward

2016 really could be the year of the linux desktop..

..just as long as M$ maintains their recent level of quality control.

I'm currently typing on a brand new laptop from a major manufacturer (Lenovo) on which the latest Windows 10 cumulative update has failed to install. Browsing shows the problem is widespread with a myriad of possible proposed arcane workarounds, none of which are simple or convenient and some which are downright risky (deactivate anti virus and the firewall before running Windows Update!).

After running XP for over 10 years, I can't remember a single time I had this kind of problem with updates. The niggling issues I often encountered when I dabbled with Linux were absent, so I just stuck with M$. If this is to become the new normal with Windows 10 however, then it really won't be long before I make the switch.

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