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Agreed, but this brings me to a question related to consumer commercial application availability on Linux. I haven't used Linux as a desktop for a while now, so quite of touch, please forgive.

(I understand that you can perfectly run for-pay enterprise applications like Oracle on Linux, that's not what I am asking about).

Before Steam and this development, there had been few games on Linux. Loki comes to mind, but that didn't go so well for them. And a lot of the games for Linux were of the free/GNU type and that doesn't always work well for a game publisher who is in it for money.

So now we have Steam for games. But say you were willing to pony up good money for a commercial non-game desktop program. Let's take a Photoshop/Gimp alternative. Or a Quickbooks-alike. Where would you buy them? Is anyone publishing non-free programs for consumers for Linux and making money at it? What are their distribution channels? Not asking about drivers, mind you.

I know some of you folks really dislike proprietary programs on principle. That's fine, that's your choice and this question is not aimed at you, nor is it intended to criticize Linux/GNU/GPL. In fact, free software is what makes apt-get and yum repos so good at keeping your system updated.

But for those who want to run Linux and purchase commercial programs, like the Steam users can nowadays, what are the options? Is there much demand (the free stuff is often fairly good, outside of games)?

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