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2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you

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> I would also observe that WinPhone works better on low powered hardware than Android

WP7 did work much better than Android on low end hardware. That was because WP7 was based on WinCE and had no multi-tasking capability. Apps put into 'background' were tombstoned (killed) and restarted were selected. The foreground app had no other process to compete with. Background apps were like TSRs on MS-DOS and had very limited capability.

WP8 _required_ a dual core SoC because one core was dedicated to the UI to give the impression that it was always responsive. It was, but at the cost of processing speed and background processes.

The main reason that WP was faster for the same _price_ of phones was that MS subsidised Nokia for a $billion a year and Nokia phone division still failed to make a profit in any quarter. They were selling phones at a loss so that they were the best performers in any price range.

The latest phones 950 and 950XL are Octocore SoCs, no more 'low end' hardware for Win10mobile.

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