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Re: Nearly makes me want to look at Linux again.

If you are a Register reader and a linux user then it's likely that you are going to be a bit of a whizz on your linux PC and any configuring is going to come easy.

There is an awful closemindedness and denial in the linux world, and a complete failure to try to see things from the viewpoint of a new user, or an inexperienced user. I think it is this attitude that really holding back linux

I'm an OS agnostic,I don't really care how I launch the applications where the actual productivity is done.

I have linux, I have Windows, I mess with BSD and there are iOS and OSX devices in the office and the house. It's been years since I had to faff and fettle anything on Windows, there has not been any need.

But just today there was quite a lot of blue air between me, CUPS and a HP network all in one printer.

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