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> Who is going to write the kernel for the next generation of hardware if no teenagers learn real coding now?

Why do you think that teenagers are not learning programming now on RaspberryPis ? In order to access the GPIO they have to write Python, BASIC, C or many others. And it is not just toggling LEDs, they can use sensors and relays to study other subjects.

> This is why I still get asked to work on Fortran code from 30 years ago - virtually nobody else knows how to, or can be bothered.

And no one cares much about Z80 assembly or Sinclair BASIC either.

One of the advantages of the ZX81, C64 and BBC of the early 80s was that they had 'user ports' so that you could connect up switches and relays to control things. I still have the Usborne books: "How to Make Computer Model Controllers for C64, Vic 20, Spectrum and BBC", "Experiments with your Computer", "Practical Things to do with a Microcomputer", plus many more from the early 80s, including many BBC magazines. With BBC BASIC on Raspbian these can be reused for the new generation.

The RaspberryPi (and similar and Arduino) brings this back. In between, computers degraded to typing into Word or Excel. You should be celebrating RPi and Rasbian.

If you want direct metal get a PyBoard or run PiCore on RPiZero with BASIC.

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