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John Sanders

Year of Linux

The year of Linux comes the moment you feel confident and learn enough to solve problems with it.

Linux is an engineering ecosystem first, you are expected to get your hands dirty, if you are OK with that you can have a lot of fun and achieve things, otherwise you will get the feeling that everything is sharp or stings, and will pain you to no end.

For me the year of Linux in the desktop came the moment that appeared in 2004 when the graphics stack became just a bit more bearable, prior to the truth is that it was not even remotely usable.

Ever since appeared I began doing more and more on Linux and less and less in Windows to the point in which nowadays I do 99% of my computing stuff in a Linux box. It pains me immensely to do anything in Windows lately (and no it is not for lack of skills).

Linux improves lots in different areas each year sometimes in small increments, and sometimes really large ones, this creates at times a nice snowball effect when the different improvements come together simultaneously, it goes from good enough to excellent when you least expect it thanks to the amplification effect that almost anything can be connected to anything else.

Linux will never be a choice for those who want a 1:1 replacement for Windows, it doesn't need to be, it works really well once you realize that it doesn't need to be like Windows.

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