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Many people won't switch to Linux exactly until more proprietary productivity software will be available - or something that can replace it properly. Most people workflow is:

Turn on computer -> launch needed application -> perform what you need -> get paid for it

The OS is almost irrelevant. The application and its inputs/outputs are not. Some determined people may go the WINE route (which doesn't ensure success always, or may introduce subtle issues) the VM one (but if you still need an OS license, why not use it directly if your main software runs on it?), or try to use alternatives, but again, people who don't give a damn about the OS they use would go the easiest route - after all most don't need to make a statement about it, just to get what they need done, and then turn off the PC.

Open file formats matter to a minority also. Many proprietary formats are de facto industry standards and are supported by major players, and as long as they work nobody really cares if they are proprietary - especially if new formats could lead to missing features or incompatibilities - again what really matters most people is getting their job done. Proprietary formats are usually only an issue for open source projects stubbornly tied to Stallman political agenda, and those who may not be elegible to enter a proper NDA with the format owner and/or pay the required fee.

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