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Re: Nearly makes me want to look at Linux again.

1) Resume from hibernate buggy

2) Over-sensitive trackpad

3) Buggy support for my bluetooth mouse

4) Unable to read files from my GoPro

4) You really have to research hardware before purchase if you want to be assured of it working under linux. The position is better than it used to be, but is still an issue. Manufacturers provide drivers for Windows/Mac (plus usually a load of ugly interface software), but nothing for Linux, if you're lucky they'll provide a driver four releases old and only 32bit which will give limited functionality. It's all down to how popular the device you bought is as to whether anyone has put (usually unpaid) time and effort into writing a driver to get it to work.

In short, if you rely on a device that Linux can't operate (yet) you're either stuck with Windows or throw it away and buy a more compatible device. Same happened to me with a car Satnav device.

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