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Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup

Nigel 11

haven't ever seen a Tado but ... are you sure that your car hasn't worked out that if it jumps up the wall and bashes the thermostat often enough, the thermostat thinks someone is still in the house and turns the boiler back on? My parents' cat learned to ring the doorbell to be let back in. There was a cat-flap, but the doorbell was more fun. Another cat learned to open the fridge to steal food and then to close the door behind it, presumably because it did not like the draft of cold air coming out of the white box.

Cats are the opposite of Artificial Stupidity: well-honed Natural Intelligence, adapted to running on a smallish CPU with far too little RAM. (If they always rembered what they worked out yesterday, we wouldn't stand a chance).

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