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I love Linux. I love the speed and the CLI and the choice. It is great on the server too. In addition my girlfriend thought I was a superhero when I resurrected her old Asus Seashell netbook (although I also had my underpants on outside my trousers). W7 had slowed to a crawl on the Asus but she loved the hardware. So I bunged Lubuntu on it and all she cared about was: Can she do basic "Officey" work on it? Can she browse the web? Can she listen/watch media? Tick, tick, tick! Happy days.

The reason that Linux will never rival Mac and Win in the desktop space is that Linux is not really a brand like they are. Imagine the average punter in a PC shop:

Sales Bod: " Well sir there are a number of operating systems available; here is Windows 10, here is Mac OSX and finally we have Linux which comes Fedora? Zorin? Mint? With Cinnamon, Mate? Which Ubuntu flavour would you like? Ubuntu Gnome, Ubuntu Mate, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Kubuntu? Burgerinabuntu? Perhaps you could try that with the LXDE desktop? Actually you look more like an Arch with Xfce man to me. No? Debian, Gentoo, Suse, OpenSuse with Tumbleweed..."

Punter: "What's a Mac OSX?"

Linux is a loose fog of a system rather than a crystallised brand and I do not necessarily think that is a bad thing, quite the opposite given I have to work with Windows and Mac as well as Linux. Indeed is that what Linux people really want? Is it not enough that Linux in its myriad forms runs a huge amount of the world's servers and presumably also the IoT? As a bonus the large minority of us who are slightly more technical than the rest of the population also get an awesome desktop for nowt and get to keep old kit in gainful employ for years longer than if we did not know about Linux. Previous 'tards have already addressed the Pi & hobbyist angle.

I think some people should be careful what they wish for. I think the Year Of The Linux Desktop should always be next year.

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