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Re: Nearly makes me want to look at Linux again.

With my Win8.1 laptop installation reaching the point where it needed a tidy up / re-install late last year I did some research and decided to switch to Linux. I tried a few different flavours ending up with plain old Ubuntu but all suffered the same problems:

1) Resume from hibernate buggy

2) Over-sensitive trackpad

3) Buggy support for my bluetooth mouse

4) Unable to read files from my GoPro

Now I'm obviously a Linux noob and maybe someone with more experience could sort these issues out but I spent quite some time researching and attempting fixes and eventually reached the point where I couldn't afford to spend any more time on it. I then installed Win10 and all these things worked. I'm not happy about Win10's spying but I've changed settings to prevent this as much as possible.

Bottom line - despite having a machine considered 'Linux compatible', being enthusiastic, persistent and reasonably intelligent, I couldn't get a Linux desktop working to my satisfaction. I'm sure many will succeed but suspect I'm not alone either.

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