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Not mentioned in the article, but it was a pretty groundbreaking year for gaming thanks mostly to Valve/Gabe Newells dislike of where Windows is heading. SteamOS was released, the Linux steam client is as feature rich, stable and updated as often as the Windows version, the library of games is expanding exponentially, 1/3rd of my Steam library now runs on Linux and the figure is rising fast, and thats not including using Wine/PlayOnLinux/Crossover/etc.

Nvidias graphics drivers are so much better than they used to be, Vulkan is on the verge of being released which will offer similar performance and features as DX12 - in fact it will be better for developers as it supports almost every platform, including older versions of Windows, DX12 only supports xbone and Windows10.

All the groundwork is done for gaming to no longer be a reason to stick with Windows.

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