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A few comments

Which distro is this "an impressive new distro".

As for the Linux phone, Linux is the kernel, we don't speak about a Gnome desktop or a KDE desktop, it's all Linux on the desktop, why would phones be different, the kernel is Linux like in Android and that's it.

As for "Plasma 5's Breeze gives much of KDE a refreshing new feel" This doe's indeed divide Linux users regarding how they feel about it. As a KDE user, tried all the rest, all usable but you cannot use all of them so you choose one. Have I been eagerly waiting for a "new feel", no. I think many longtime users often have a feeling that something they liked or got used to suddenly disappeared or was moved somewhere else for no reason at all. The desktop is a tool and not a f**ng beauty contest!. But the thing to remember, and this I can tell you with 35 years as a programmer. Groups like the ones behind Gnome and KDE will simply die if there is nothing else to do than tweak some old code. Doing that, as important and often difficult as it is, is not fun. To keep up enthusiasm and energy and a feeling of togetherness you have to produce, together, something new, just a fact. (I sometimes feel IBM forgot it, or never understood it).

So I will accept what they come up with for this simple reason.

About some earlier comments. Linux is Unix like Aix, HP-UX, Solaris and the rest are Unix. POSIX what ever number. Unix is a trademark.

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