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And security?

Personally, I'm impressed by Qubes (Xen hypervisor and the Qubes core run separate virtual machines with sandboxed filesystems and your choice of Fedora, Debian, Whonix, or Windows as guest OSes). I'm more interested in this than in anything Windows is doing with OS security. <begin joke> Or with privacy...</joke>

I'm a fair numbskull -- not exactly a command-line whiz, and Bash is what I do to my fingers when hanging pictures. But by the deities of Yuggoth! Even I, ape in man's clothes, was able to set up Qubes as a dual-boot with Mint. And in about the same time it took to set up Win 7 last time I did it (2012).

Well, anyway. Windows is dandy, and so is Mac. I use them both. But for me, there'll always be Paris Linux.

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