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Nah, if it builds, ship it.

Devops is expensive right? Surely we don't need all that added cost when you guys can just write some more unit tests? 100% coverage.

What do you mean that's impossible? Just test everything.

What do you mean you can't possibly know all the combinations to test for? Just test everything!

We'll craft some meaningless and unenforceable T&Cs pushing all responsibility for failure onto the customer. I get a big bonus and promotion for saving the company a shit load of cash, and if something does go tits up I'll just blame the devs for not writing the correct unit tests.

(Joking of course, but sadly I have worked in places where that was exactly the attitude from on high)

Seems like what all the other IoT shit does, so why would hipster shiny-shiny Nest be any different?

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