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Nest thermostat owners out in the cold after software update cockup

Charles Manning

This should be considered safety critical software

Considering that old and infirm can literally die of cold (let's face it just about anyone can die in a Canadian winter), something like a thermostat should really be treated like, and designed as well as, medical equipment.

But it's not. It's designed by the sort of twats that focus on "oooh shiny".

Most of this Internet of Tat is built using crap vendor software that was originally designed just to prove theiir chips work. Most of the software "designers" just take a basic example and tweak it to perform the new function. They don't audit the code or anything like that.

Result: crap code that hangs, crashes, gets into freaky power modes.... and potentially causes fires, water damage,kills people etc.

It will all end in tears I say....

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