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Well, obviously ...

Real programmers, (like me), write real procedural code. End of. And it's better than the OO tat that's written by people fresh out of uni with a piece of paper saying they can program.

Yes, but that's not because procedural code is better than OO code, that's because the people fresh out of "uni" (we used to call it university in my day but that was before the cuts) are wet behind the ears and full of themselves and terrified of their student loans ... whereas you are a 1980s_coder with (presumably) 30-ish years of experience and probably have a clue.

OO code is really just like procedural code, except that the procedures belong to objects that can parcel up some state that's shared between procedures ... you don't even have to do everything the OO way, but can mix it with procedural code and get the best of both worlds (unless you're writing in something like Java, which is so anally obsessive about being an OO language that it doesn't let you do anything else).

Wise programmers considers all the tools in their toolboxes before choosing one over another. Almost every tool is the best one for something (even perl and javascript, I'm told).

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