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Do gently, dude

As a classical kind of guy, can't say that I was a 'fan' (only popular musician I can say I'm a fan of, in the sense of buying all the albums (well, pre-Issa), is Jane Siberry) but I always enjoyed and admired his work when I encountered it.

Coming just a week after the new album's release, his sudden passing is even more shocking. I checked the Guardian before work, as usual; checking again at work a couple hours later and seeing the news ... My first thought was, "but he was just alive!"

Talk about 'here one moment, gone the next' - you hear that phase your whole life and it's just words, someone says it and you all laugh. But here, now, in this moment, you suddenly know exactly what it means, what it feels like. So, thanks for that moment of revelation, David.

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