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RIP to a musical hero

Our cultural world shifted a little on its axis today.

Bowie's music was an essential backdrop to my university years in the otherwise-grim 1970s. It's difficult to convey the scale of the impact he made at the time, both in his image (always so much more than merely dressing up) and the combination of accessibility and innovation in the music - the establishment were horrified, of course, which just delighted his fans even more.

His restless musical imagination was always there, and helped his career to remain fresh throughout - his soul and funk experiments, or the "Berlin trilogy" that ensured he survived the punk-rock revolution. I vividly remember his set at Live Aid, his show-stealing stagecraft bringing him to the attention of a new musical generation.

Even towards the end, his last two albums stand as some of his finest work - a fitting testament to everything that went before.

Popular music has lost an icon.

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