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Potts has previously tried to find out the real identity of posters who's posts he didn't like and has expressed more than clearly how if he met me in real life the only thing stopping him from assaulting me would be if there was a risk of legal consequence. And he took the time to emphasize this wasn't just Internet trash talk but that he'd genuinely like to give me a kicking.

Wow, that is outrageous. If that is the fullness of the situation then he has no place writing articles here or anywhere else.

I'm sure you & I have disagreed on a number of things, but I've no desire to unmask you nor would I wish you any harm. Disagreement is a fundamental requirement of debate, and debate is the purpose of the comments section.

Despite the generally lefty slant of El Reg, I've always taken the view that commentards were marginally (Marginally!!) a cut above other sites, and slightly more civilized and educated [1] in their treatment of others.

1 - I mean as in facts & citations appear more often than cup sizes and fart jokes. I don't mean we more degrees than posters, though I suppose that may be possible....

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