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UK energy minister rejects 'waste of money' smart meters claim

tiggity Silver badge

A smart meter might reduce my neighbours electricity use, they would see spikes every time I go in my garden.

My neighbours (either side of the house I live) have poorly calibrated security lights that go off when I walk in my garden.

Still, on dark winter mornings they save me money as I do not need my torch (at the early time I get up in the morning it is very dark in UK winter) to help me see when I top up the bird feeder, instead as I walk it triggers security lights on either side neighbours houses giving me very good visibility.

Ignoring such random edge cases, totally pointless for any consumer who does not realise that kettle on = more leccy used, and more pertinently, extremely likely that there will be some nasty security problems at some point (& only ones they will bother to fix are those where consumer can "under declare" power usage)

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