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This is another New Labour idea persued by the Tory gov't,just like privatisation of the NHS is,when PFI was the starting gunfor the current 'outsourcing'.

Just like our surveilance society now taking shape with ISP's ending up charging their customers for the government to spy on the,it is one more candle of privacy & freedom being extinguished.

Our fathers,who fought the last war for the very things being now being eroded at a great pace,would make the East German STASI state very happy,but would make those who died fighting for 'freedom' in WW2 turn in their graves.

What makes me as an elderly person really angry,is that the younger generatiions think that nothing matters or is worth fighting for,save that their sense of entitlement is not diminished.

Putting this meter lark in perspective,compare the possible savings with the Standing Charges that utility consumers have to pay,no matter how little their usage,the same is true of telecoms, ALL of these charges are extortionate in proportion to the usage charge.

Not only that,since when have these companies ever spent the equivalent of these sums in total on the infrastructure,I suggest NOT EVER.

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