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Well, do you have the maths to show how this is possible, because I've had three Karchers and not only would they be totally unable to put a jet of water up anywhere near the height we are talking and have any force whatsoever behind it, they can barely do the job they were designed for at three feet without failing quickly.

Karcher one lasted about four years, used once per year on 100 ft of 6 foot fence before the pump stripped a gear.

Number two just stopped working after two uses. Never was able to figure it out. I suspect the pressure detection switch mechanism failed. The motor just wouldn't run.

Number three only made one year before the pressure coupling self-destructed so any attempt to use it caused the hose to eject with dangerous force *even though* the security collar was locked down tight.

No more Karchers for me. I'll rent a proper gas powered pressure washer when I need one.

That said, a twelve gauge side-by-side does a lousy job of cleaning the fence, so I suppose it all evens out.

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