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> Remind me again - what percentage of the smartphone market is running a version of Android that is not controlled by Google?

That depends on what you think you mean by 'controlled'.

There are many manufacturers that build versions from the open source and do not include Google services: Amazon, B&N, Cyanogenmod, even Nokia/Microsoft with Nokia X. These have nothing that is 'controlled by Google'. Users can still access Google services if they want to.

The only 'control' by Google is when manufacturers want to include Google services, just as every other service provider requires.

So, anyone can build a phone using the free and open source operating system. If they want to include Google services in the product they must agree to the terms and conditions. The public can choose which they want to buy.

Google does not control its OEMs as much as Microsoft does. In the case of WP8, for example, MS not only controlled the design of the phones including buttons and GUI, but also which SoCs each OEM was allowed to use. The public can only buy what Microsoft allows.

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