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Yep. The drone was very low. And aside from the sheer fact it could be brought down by such a short-range weapon (physical proof), there's neighbour and family eyewitnesses and the fact that it was over his garden long enough - where it filmed his two daughters - for him to watch it, decide it was over-staying its welcome, go into the house, get his shotgun, come back out aim and shoot it.

Really this is one of the worst foundational cases you could get if you're the person who wants to intrude on people's privacy with drones because the drone owner was in all sorts of wrong. Even the part: "who then threatened him with a handgun" is very different when you know the context. After shooting down the drone, the owner showed up with three other men at his house. With four unknown and hostile guys approaching them he warned them that if they came on his property he'd shoot. Now that last part as a reaction some will disagree with (and that maybe fair), but I wasn't there and four angry men approaching me would make me defensive too. At any rate, right or wrong, it's a bit different in reality from the impression you get from "then threatened him with a handgun".

Way I read it, the drone owner is self-entitled, aggressive and thinks it's fine to hover over people's fenced in gardens filming them or their family members and I'm on Meredith's side on this. I think a large part of the reporting has been slanted by the angles that he "owns a gun" which makes him immediately a desirable target for anti-gun lobbyists who would like to paint him as a gun-happy thug. Citation to avoid defensive down-votes from people who are against gun ownership: Alistair Dabbs in this very site declared unreservedly that anyone who wanted to own a gun was "a budding psychopath". With prejudices like that, how objective is reporting actually going to be? And of course the fact that this took place in Kentucky which everyone who's never been there knows, is filled with nothing but drunken bigoted hicks. I mean just listen to that accent! How could the guy not be a crazy over-reacting nut?

Anyway however you feel about this, the various attempts to cast this has someone shooting down an innocent drone that was just flying along through the sky have been exploded. Even more so than the drone itself.

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