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"the last action of the publisher before shutting down their auth servers was to release a patch that removed the drm from the game enabling people that have purchased the game to continue playing if they wish."

That will never happen. The Abandonware and Retro scenes have plenty of cases where the ownership of some old product, sometimes upwards of 25 years old, is still held by some company and they've enforced their ownership by way of take down notices and in court summons in some extreme cases. Nintendo are particularly vicious in regard to their ownership. Nintendo software is one of the few systems that a lot of "legit" retro sites will not deal with as they know that the big N's lawyers will come down on them hard, and for most it's just a hobby sharing some naff old software no one wants anymore. Companies hold the rights just in case they can monetize it again in future. How many companies or individuals are are making money with old Spectrum software by releasing it through mobile phone emulators, etc.

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