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Will be interesting to see what happens...

I'm kind of looking forward to seeing what happens to the games market if this actually comes true. If piracy was reduced to zero, or at least close enough to zero so as to no longer be statistically relevant (at least on AAA titles).

At that point I'd expect to see something like a 5%, perhaps up to 10% increase in sales, as a few of the previous people who would have just pirated, now buying the products instead. *

With the publishers finally realising that the ridiculous fugues they've been banding about over the last decade or more, around lost sales were wildly inaccurate. That the millions they've pored into DRM over the years, actually cost them more than the revenue lost due to piracy or people avoiding their games due to the over restrictive DRM itself.

* Most pirates in my experience buy the games they like at some point anyway, Steam sales etc. pirate out of a dislike of a specific DRM, i.e. online DRM requirement for a single player game etc. Or download the crack, to remove the DRM from a purchased game.

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